Welcome to my world

I have wanted to put up a blog for some time. I have done a few special purpose blogs on trips with my kids (all wonderful Max 22 years old in Rabat Morocco / Reed Collage in Portland OR , Jacob 18 years old at Parsons NYC and Julia 20 years old at SFAI) in the past, but never one where I could comment (mostly) on the stuff I know about. The obvious topics I intend to cover are:

  1. Technology and products in the Music / Pro Industry.
  2. Consumer Electronics – both as reviews of products and trends in the industry,
  3. Over all trends in the pro audio and video space,
  4. Specific Products that are changing the way we relate to products,
  5. And finally where is this all going and how does it effect you/us?

This is simply the place where I will rant or shamelessly promote the stuff I think or know about.  More likely what I think I know about.

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