8 Years Ago April 7th EAW was sold to Mackie


EAW the first year!

EAW the first year!


In 1978 KentonForsytheand myself started EAW with no idea how little we knew about running a company.  Shortly afterwards Frank Loyko joined the team and the rest is history. . . Well actually something like 10 years of struggling to figure out what we were doing then finding and convincing some great people people to join us and build an amazing team.  At it’s peak in 2000 EAW had what I feel was the dream team in the pro SR business. Many of these people are in key positions through out the industry (I will name but a few as it would be impossible to give everyone billing here): Frank Loyko now at Digi, Jon Sager now at JBL, Sandy Mac and Heather now at Meyer, Chris Doering now working with Renkus / Heinz (to name but a few) and Dave Gunness and Stephen Siegal doing the Fulcrum Acoustics thing.

Ken & Kenton in 1978 Photo Shoot
Ken & Kenton in 1978 Photo Shoot
The last few years before we sold EAW to Mackie we had a dream team of people and were on top of the world.  I can say for myself that I thought at the time combining EAW with Mackie was going to let us all take it to the next level.  I have learned that is not the way it works.

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