Twiiter & Facebook the new marketing paradigm

Here is a great article on what the facebook era is all about:

Author Clara Shih on the Facebook Era, and what it means for businesses » VentureBeat.

Facebook takes ad targeting to a new level, as you can target based on all the information in a user’s profile.  You can target MI products to Musicians or Guitarist or keyboard players.

Social Networking

Social Networking

I am working on a marketing project with a company doing jewelry for Gay Married couples and you can do facebook ads where you select only people who list themselves as Gay and in a relationship and in their geographic area. This is a niche market but one that Facebook lets you target very effectively.  There has never been anything like this before.

Combine this level of targeting with the pay for click paradigm that Google established and you have something totally unique.  Marketing organizations will have to re-think everything based on this change. Inlcuding:

1. They need to live in social networks (including Twiiter, Facebook, Digg and yes even mySpace) so they understand the way the community works.

2. Everyone needs a Facebook / Twiiter presence  – the community supports their own and simply advertising to get people to your site is not enough and does not fully integrate or take advantage of the social network opportunities.

3. They need to think smaller – be more targeted. The ads and the landing pages must be tightly targeted to maximize the message for narrow segments.

4. The playing-field is leveled – and even niche companies and products can now be effectively marketed to the widest possible audience world wide. This will create an opportunity for products and services to succeed that could not be supported by traditional marketing methods.

5. Realize that social networking is not just for the young and hip – everyone is moving there if they are not there already.  (Most of my High School fiends are on facebook, and they went to high school in the 70’s).

6. You can not simply hire some high school / collage kids and expect them to be yoru social networking team.

It’s a new world and it’s exciting.

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