First Phase update of

I have been maintaing (or mostly not maintaing) a number of personal and business sites.  The rapid growth of social sites like Linkedin, Plaxo, Facebook etc, my time and efforts have drifted more in that direction. And my more traditional sites were never finished and or worse becomes test beds for web technology I was interested in or was working on for a client.

I have started on a path to update and redesign my sites so they are a more functional and interlinked with my social sites including this blog.  I am focusing my efforts on the site with links to my other sites, social networking sites and partners and customer sites. Mkae sure to check back weekly as I will be updating it significantly (as time allows) and check out the More tab where I am publishing lots of the old EAW and PSW fun stuff along with new irreverent material. The next phase hopefully open to the public by the middle of April is a Wiki aimed at the pro audio and MI industry aimed at cataloging the past and open for all to contribute to.

When you have a chance check it out and feel free to send me suggestions for changes and or content.


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