Have we seen the peak of Microsoft as the force in the Computer Industry?

There are so many articles appearing about with bad news for Microsoft:
Is Silverlight Stalling? – PC World.

NewsFactor Network | Microsoft Sees Its Profit Drop with PC Market. “Fresh off one of the worst quarters in company history,Microsoft Relevant Products/Services offered investors little evidence that a beleaguered personal computer market would recover anytime soon.

On Thursday, Microsoft set the wrong kind of record, as it reported the first year-over-year quarterly revenue decline since it first sold stock to the public in 1986. In its third quarter, which ended March 31, Microsoft said its revenue fell 6 percent, to $13.65 billion, from $14.45 billion. It reported net income of $2.98 billion, a 32 percent drop from the $4.39 billion in the period last year.”

Opinion: Microsoft is doing something half right.

“Ever since Bill Gates stepped down and Steve Ballmer took over his role, Microsoft has been getting one thing after another wrong. Vista continues to be a disaster both for users and for the company’s bottom line. And Microsoft’s ad campaign last year, starring Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, is already a model of how not to do television advertising. Somehow, though, after years of stumbling around like a drunken college freshman after an NCAA basketball win, Microsoft is getting its act together.”

And I love this one: “To make matters funnier, all those virtual devices will take their toll on speed, so it won’t run fast at all without very modern hardware. Add in the fact that you will need all of the resources to run Windows 7 PLUS all of the resources you need to run Windows XP. From what we hear, Microsoft recommends 2GB of memory for Windows 7, but then again, it also said you could run Vista in 512MB. Har har. Upgrading to Windows 7 on older hardware promises to be a very poor choice.

So, what you will get with XPM is not an XP machine but a bloated resource hog that emulates the worst of 2004. Slowly. It may be a good fit for green screen COBOL apps that won’t run on the Broken OS, but that is about it, and you will pay for the ‘privilege’ in terms of resources used and speed of operation.”
 Charlie Demerjian from The Inquirer

How can a company that was invincible a few years ago continuously and consistently stumble so badly? I think it is like what happened to GM (only much faster): they are big and bloated, they believe their own PR, and they are Managed by Committee.

The stories you hear here in the Seattle area about working on projects at Microsoft are legendary: where you can be on a team of thousands, and most of the team is just there to  coordinate  communications with the rest of the team.

Design by Committee gave us the Turd Brown Zune, Vista and now the crazy pricing install strategy for Windows 7, where as you use it it will tell you that you can do this or that after you connect to MS and “upgrade,” or rather “turn on,” features already in the operating system you already bought – (this should go over well with customers)!

They have lost any concept of caring about the user experience at the same time the rest of the market is making that their focus!

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