New loudspeaker plugin for DAWs

Real Sound Lab launches Coneq P2 plugin for loudspeaker equalisation

Real Sound Lab, creators of the Coneq technology for loudspeaker equalisation, has released a new plug-in family, Coneq P2 plug-in VST for Windows, in order to drive the product in the home and project studio market.

via New loudspeaker plugin for DAWs | Pro Audio | News by Audio Pro.

These guys have some interesting technlogy – note I have not acutally used it yet – that works by mesuring the power response of the loudspaker (and room) and generates corrective filters.  The KRK ERGO system based Lyngdorf tehcnology seems to use a similar technique.

There are a number of issues to resolved before this type of technology can become common place in the pro SR world. Beyond proving the technique the who user interface needs to be resolved.  Should this be a separate product or built into mixers or speaker processors? The plug-in concept works inside of a console on the output – but only Digi Venue is a good platform today for that and it only runs TDM’s so the current offering is not applicable.

The concept will also need to integrate with current tools (like Smaart) and the user community (house and system engineers) will need to be educated on how it works and the best practices for use.  Also the whole issue of engineers being comfortable with something that does what they did will have to be addressed before there can be mass adoption.

I look forward to seeing some real world tests, if anyone know of someone useing these systems please let me know.

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