Midas and Klark Teknik change up UK and US distribution

It seems that Bosch is making some interesting changes.  They are giving Midas and KT their own distribution. This should enable a much more focused effort to bring Midas back into the main stream of the digital console market.

As to what is says about Bosch’s plans for the their family of pro brands is less clear.  Bosch in the US seems to be making steady solid growth (even in tough times) by simply keeping a steady stream of good products coming and working their distribution / channel relationships.  They may see Midas / KT simply in need of more focus or they may be setting it up for an eventual spin-off.

US News from: Live Sound: Midas, Klark Teknik Appoint Midas Consoles North America As New Distributor – Pro Sound Web.

“This is a huge new chapter in our company history. It ensures that our present and future customer base in North America is offered dedicated, brand-orientated sales expertise and technical support.” – David Cooper, Midas/Klark Teknik

UK From Audio Pro: Midas and Klark Teknik bring UK distribution in house


“With the UK being one of the most influential markets in concert touring, it warrants direct access to the factory,” Hughes said. “With this move, UK customers will have the direct support of not only me, but also Karl Brant and his service team, technical sales manager Jason Kelly and brand development manager Richard Ferriday, plus the factory demo facilities.”Midas and Klark Teknik sales and marketing director David Cooper added: “This is a fascinating time for Midas and Klark Teknik, both in the UK and internationally, and the future for the brands looks very exciting.As Midas and KT are UK based, it makes sense for the Kidderminster HQ to run UK distribution. Given the ongoing success of the Midas XL8 and PRO6 digital systems and increasingly complex Klark Teknik products, it’s important that we maintain strong personal relationships with rental companies, sound engineers and end users, which the move will facilitate. This closer relationship with our customers will have the added benefit of providing useful feedback for both new and existing products.“Over the past couple of months we have worked in conjunction with Shuttlesound regarding the move, and by taking Midas and KT out of Shuttlesound, it will allow them to free up valuable resources and focus on the Electro-Voice brand, so customers win all round.”

One Response to Midas and Klark Teknik change up UK and US distribution

  1. Hello!
    This sounds indeed as Bosch wants to split off these two brands. KT as well as Midas are maybe too rock’n’roll for the corporate suits of Bosch. It surprises me that it went smooth up until now.

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