About KB Consulting LLC

Ken Berger





Consulting in the realms of sound reinforcement, recording, musical instrument and web related music. Knowledge and experience span startup to large public corporations from products, management, marketing, branding, distribution, sales and manufacturing

· Founded multiple startups in the pro audio equipment and web industries.

· Well known as a technological visionary in the music and pro audio industry.

· Integrates working knowledge of business issues, market needs and technological trends to create business opportunities, innovative products, services and marketing programs.

· Extensive customer relations experience. Product evangelism, market feedback and customer support. Working relationships with all major international retail and contracting partners.

· 30+ years pro audio experience.

2 Responses to About KB Consulting LLC

  1. Ken McLaren says:

    Hey Ken good luck with your business..
    I just started mine in December, on a shoe string. Our website opens May 1st though and we are getting some decent feedback.

    I have some opportunities available right now, but before I go any further I would like to know more about what your expectations are, what you can and can’t do for us, etc.
    drop me a line…I look forward to talking with you…

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