April 30, 2009

What colors are in? “COLOR SELLS. . . and the ‘Right’ Colors Sell Better!

This link give you a big step up with regard to what colors are hot in 2009: dickharrisonblogspot: HOT COLOR TRENDS FOR 2009.

Some great stuff:

the demand for colors and products that reflect an environmentally ‘greener’ world goes way beyond a trend. It’s now ‘a given.’ ”

Purple, Purple, Purple!
Emerging as a hot fashion color last fall, purple is not just a fad — it’s an entrenched trend, strongly influenced by the election. (After all, red plus blue equals purple.) Look for a grayed-out violet that works equally well as an accent or a neutral, as well as redder, plummier purples and bluer-influenced fuchsias in a huge range of products. Purple is 2009’s “must have” color.

Blue is the New Green >
Various greens have symbolized “green living” over the last few years, but in 2009 the “green” environmental message is delivered by the color blue. There are watery blues, sky blues and a whole range of blues that now represent our commitment to living on a greener planet.

Cooled Down, Grayed Out Browns and Grays
Complex neutrals satisfy our urge toward classic colors in an economically challenged time. They also bridge the area between black, which seems harsh, and brown, which doesn’t seem strong enough.

The neutrals may have grayed, but look for lots and lots of bright vivid yellow to give us energy as we re-build the economy. It’s the standout accent color for 2009.

Bright Accents from India, China, and Turkey
The exotic has become the familiar. Oranges, turquoises and teals, reds, and yellows will abound in hues from far-away countries that now seem very near. They are the optimistic touches we crave.

White is a new Business Color
Technology has produced amazing new (and very practical) finishes, which helps explain why white is showing up everywhere, even in corporate boardrooms. The contrasts are all in the finishes: matte versus gloss; shine and shimmer on reflective surfaces; textured whites versus smooth — all washable and cleanable. White also represents purity of thought, motive and result – exactly what we want from businesses now.

The Return of the “M” Word
It’s mauve. Remember mauve? An old color that looks new again, in dusty violet shades, mauve works as an accent but also serves now as a neutral, punched up by those bright Asian accents (orange, turquoise, teal, red, and yellow.)

First Phase update of

April 5, 2009

I have been maintaing (or mostly not maintaing) a number of personal and business sites.  The rapid growth of social sites like Linkedin, Plaxo, Facebook etc, my time and efforts have drifted more in that direction. And my more traditional sites were never finished and or worse becomes test beds for web technology I was interested in or was working on for a client.

I have started on a path to update and redesign my sites so they are a more functional and interlinked with my social sites including this blog.  I am focusing my efforts on the site with links to my other sites, social networking sites and partners and customer sites. Mkae sure to check back weekly as I will be updating it significantly (as time allows) and check out the More tab where I am publishing lots of the old EAW and PSW fun stuff along with new irreverent material. The next phase hopefully open to the public by the middle of April is a Wiki aimed at the pro audio and MI industry aimed at cataloging the past and open for all to contribute to.

When you have a chance check it out and feel free to send me suggestions for changes and or content.


YouTube – Microsoft iPod

March 18, 2009

This is a great example of why Microsoft does not get that they are no longer just selling to tech heads.

Selling to consumers require you to think like a consumer not like a tech person who is all about the features and specs – the customer is all about what it does for them and what the experience is like.

I know many people have seen this already but it is just so clear of an example of the difference between Apple and Microsoft.

This is also shows wonderfully what is wrong with marketing messaging by committee.

AT&T Fails The SXSW iPhone Test

March 15, 2009

Ok does everyone who has an iPhone hate ATT?  Everyone I know loves the iPhone and hates their service. WHile I am sure that this does vary somewhat by location (some cities ATT is great I hear) I have yet to experience this.  I travel a fair bit and ATT seems to suck everywhere.

AT&T Fails The SXSW iPhone Test (T, AAPL).

The story above shows that ATT (and most carries to some extent) fail at big events.  The worst was this past Macworld where everyone had an iPhone and even simple txt messages took hours to be delivered.

Start-Up Location Reality

March 15, 2009

Is the Valley Too Expensive for Normal People to Launch Startups?

Great article (posted on twitter by Guy Kawisaki) and goes to the point about start-ups and the cost vs infrastructure offered in different places.

I have been told at various time when looking at start-up clients (usually by Angle type investors) that the only places to do venture backed start-ups is Seattle, CA, Boston and NYC (with a few other smaller markets).

The reasoning goes something like this –

There is no talent pool in the midwest so if you are successful you will not be able to attract talent!

People do not want to invest outside their comfort zone and location location location is part of the comfort zone.

The infrastructure for investing and management are clustered around places where there is a history of successful start-ups – usually around great collages.

Would love to see some real data on this?  Please post if you know if any.

Browser Wars Ar Back and it is Good.

March 12, 2009

Slashdot | Microsoft Says IE Faster Than Chrome and Firefox

Also, in case you missed it, IE loads faster than Firefox, and Firefox loads faster than IE, just for kicks.'”

via Slashdot | Microsoft Says IE Faster Than Chrome and Firefox.

The real point here is that there is competition again in the market place and the results are better performance and usability for all users.

This shows that the Microsoft monopoly is real and it does hurt the users – as in while there was no competition Microsoft only “innovated” with IE so that they could make the web work the way they wanted, now that they are losing share of the browser market they are actually starting to make a “working” browser.

Unfortunately there are still enough users out there with older MS browsers making life harder for web developers everywhere!

Cloud Wars

March 10, 2009

Can Wolfram Alpha kill Google or will it just be the next Cuil?.

The rush to the cloud is on big time if only in that it is the buzz word of the day in tech circles.

No one is really there yet.  Google who should be the leader is lost in that their google Aps are simply not that good.  I have tried to use them for collaborative projects but they simply are a pain to use.

The word processor is fail but anything other than the basics don’t work or aren’t there.

The online part of iwork seems the best in terms of features and interface.

Corporate America’s Icons Crumbling Under Global Recession –

March 6, 2009

Corporate America’s Icons Crumbling Under Global Recession –

Check it out nice info graphic about the current relative size of major corporations.

Fiasco Awards

March 2, 2009

Got to love anything like this:

and this:
Inside Edge – IT News, Analysis and Opinion 
Is Vista really a bigger pile of crap than Second Life and Google Lively?

Apple Macbook Air 1 year later

February 1, 2009

I got my Macbook air early February 2008 and it has been sent off for “10” days to be repaired (the screen fractured after many falls) almost exactly a year later, presenting me with the need to buy something on the spot to travel with as my business requires me to have a computer when I travel.

This brings up a series of interesting topics;

– Apple provides no Mac support for smaller business – in a business environment there is in effect no way to get Apple Business service or support – the Genius bar is great for consumer service but it sucks for a working person)

– What is the point of the warranty and apple care if you have normal use is not covered by Apple and what is Normal use for a laptop?

But the most pressing question I had to deal with was what would I buy to use instead of my Air? The new Macbooks are reasonably powerful and very cost effective (read Cheap), and the Macbook Pro’s are very powerful if not cheap. Assuming my original Air comes back in good shape having on of these others would be great to have around or update one of my kids computers.

Well I can now answer that question as I bought a Macbook Air.  There is simply no other computer that works as well when traveling.  I considered the other Apples and they all end up requiring me to carry a second case when traveling on long trips and I simply do not take it every where like I do with the Air. The Macbook is small but to heavy – the Pro’s are great but way to big.

I looked at the net books and Steve Jobs was right they are simply to limited in what they can do – not often but is great to run Photoshop when I need to.  And I do not want to have to hassle with linux and windows is just too unsafe and unreliable.  My son Jacob tried to convince me that he could get Mac OS X running on the new little Dell (and I am sure he can) but that just seemed a support nightmare waiting to happen. I imagine myself in Russia or Italy and having to try and figure out what why it is not working.

I love my Air it is small fits into my “man bag” / murse.  I carry to all my meetings. The new one fixes my biggest complaint about my original – it has a 120 gb drive so now I don’t spend to much time figuring out what I need to take with me or carry around an external drive.

It still should have more memory (4gb is minimum in all my other computers). But otherwise I love it.