About The Complete FOH Engineer | Robert Scovill

August 26, 2009

Robert is one of the best people to learn about live sound from!

About the Complete FOH Engineer

This course is much more than “knob turning.”

The Complete FOH Engineer is a dynamic seminar that updates and grows on a regular basis, but at it’s core is an emphasis on fundamental audio principles and techniques. I emphasize to students that solutions to audio challenges are based in first mastering your approach, and secondly mastering the technology.

You won’t find a paint-by-numbers approach here. Instead you’ll delve more into the why than the how and leave you confident in your ability to tackle challenges with speaker system management, source management, mixing techniques and live recording that are a part of any live sound workflow. Once done with this seminar, you’ll be on your way to becoming the complete front of house engineer.

Robert Scovill

Course Designer and Instructor

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