Why marketing is more than features and price!

March 29, 2009

This article tells the story of why marketing is about selling value not price, better than I can:  check out Microsoft advertisements could help Apple sell computers at http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2009/03/29/microsoft-advertisements-could-help-apple-sell-computers/.

How can a company like Microsoft do such bad marketing?  It must be due to  marketing by committee. Marketing to be successful must express a vision and and must speak to the targeted customer.  When you have a committee running marketing they rarely can even agree / identify the target and the natural result is the messaging is neutered until it is totally ineffective.

This plays out over and over agin, especially in technology companies (the pro audio market is very similar).  The product managers who drive marketing live in a world that is based on:

Features, specifications, tech terms and price performance ratios – all which are relevant to the development process (but again still no replacement for vision – see any coverage of Steve Jobs).

But the focus on getting the most product data into the marketing (print, online or PR) only makes the product less interesting to the customers.  Speaking about
Why they would want the product ,
What it does for them, and
How it will make them better / cooler / happier,

Is the messaging you need to develop to produce effective marketing.